Whilst the future Kings Cove Marina has approvals which include allowing for up to 350 berths, dry boat storage, boat ramps and commercial facilities, our Beaches at Kings Cove project has commenced construction of its 40 floating berths. With wet berths on the Gippsland Lakes at a premium, may we suggest if you are seeking a permanent berth, please register your interest in short or long term leasing opportunities without delay. The 40 floating berths will be located in front of the 9 luxurious and exclusive homes at Beaches at Kings Cove. Both of these berthing facilities will be vital and much needed additions to the region.


Heath Ducker’s Story of Rising From The Bottom to the Top

Heath Ducker’s Story of Rising From The Bottom to the Top
Mr. Heath Ducker is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer at the Youth Insearch Foundation, which is located in Australia. Before assuming the role of CEO at the Foundation, Mr. Ducker worked as Director of Aunties and Uncles, Advisor Attorney General for the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and as Lawyer for other companies throughout the years.

Mr. Heath Ducker knew what he wanted to do from a relatively young age, and earned two undergraduate degrees in law and arts. He earned his graduate degree from the College of Law (which speaks for itself; it is a law school).

Heath Ducker very much enjoys his current position at the Youth Insearch Foundation, which is designed to aid young children and adolescents who are going through troubled childhood. The Foundation offers counseling services and other services to those troubled children. 

Mr. Ducker is known for coming from a background that did not provide him with much money. Heath Ducker rose from the bottom, and now is very successful. He prides himself in having done so well, even though he has not always been in a place to succeed. He is one out of ten children that belongs to his mother, who was very poor. Overcoming such monstrosities is very difficult, and only very skilled, gifted, talented individuals can do so.

Mr. Heath Ducker has recently written a book called “A Room At The Top,” which describes his life story and how he rose from such a harsh background to the position he holds today.

Reasons Every Business Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

Reasons Every Business Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

With more businesses taking measures to improve on their marketing strategies, more firms have invested in this area to offer feasible marketing plans. The levels of competition have also become higher thereby making it difficult for small firms to emerge competitive. When one conducts proper marketing, the online arena offers the biggest market, and probably the most responsive for different categories of business. Therefore, every investor should consider getting a reliable marketing plan. Here is why hiring a digital marketing agency in Melbourne is necessary to help a business improve. 

One of the benefits of embracing proper digital marketing is the fact the business is able to make more sales. This is encouraged by the fact that hiring a digital marketing agency in Melbourne allows the business to get more leads, which in turn get converted into sales. Online marketing exposes the business to millions of buyers and allows one to create an authoritative position. 

Compared to other media of marketing, getting a digital marketing agency in Melbourne at to help you offers you an easy time managing your business to get more clients yet this does not require one to spend huge amounts. It is cheaper to hire a digital marketing agency in Melbourne and guarantees a larger market exposure. 

It is also easy to connect with mobile users. With the advancement of technology, more people have turned to the use of mobile devices and this has offered marketing firms an idea. It is now possible to market products to mobile users. Having a digital marketing plan with a digital marketing agency in Melbourne allows one to benefit from the large market created by mobile device users. It is also more convenient to handle marketing over mobile devices. Therefore, if one aspires to take his/her business to a higher level, digital marketing is the ultimate solution for all business needs. Simply hire a well experienced group of professionals to help in implementing the plan.